Director at Large Position

All Homes and Hope Community Land Trust (HHCLT) Board Directors shall, at a minimum, be prepared to contribute to the organization’s sustainability and mission according to the expectations listed below.

Some Board Directors may have additional responsibilities, associated with their role on the Board and within the organization. All Board Directors making less than 80% of area median income are eligible for
compensation of true costs associated with their Board service and work; Board Stipend Policy attached.

Duties and Time Expectations:

  • The HHCLT Board of Directors meet monthly, except during the months of the Northwest CLT Coalition Gathering and the month of the Housing WA conference. Some years, due to the timing of some holidays, other meetings may be rescheduled or shortened. Directors should expect to attend 10 meetings per year.
  • Additional meetings requiring attendance include the Annual Meeting (see By Laws) and Board Retreat or Planning Session.
  • Attendance is desired —but not required– at the following types of events: festivals/farmers’ markets; groundbreaking ceremonies; trainings, as supported by the CLT; HHCLT Summer Socials and neighborhood events; local and regional housing-related events.
  • Preparations for the monthly meetings will usually require about 30-45 minutes. Committee tasks and meetings during the months will vary with the committee, but in general will be 4-8 hours per month, with seasonal variations. The Executive Committee members will usually have two committee meetings per month; other Committee members should only have one.
  • All Board Directors will serve on at least one Committee of their choice. They need not chair the Committee, but they must present the reports to the greater board and serve as liaisons.
  • All Board Directors are expected to join HHCLT, with at least an individual membership.
  • All Board Directors are expected to contribute “time and talents;” in-kind donations are accepted. The amount of contribution should be such that it is important and significant to the individual Board Director.
  • All Board Directors are expected to understand the way CLT homeownership works well enough that they could engage in incidental conversation with a prospective donor or buyer. HHCLT will provide trainings and cover costs associated with external trainings to facilitate this level of understanding.

Total Time Commitment

5 – 10 hours per month, plus an additional 10-15 hours per year of special events. Executive Committee members will have additional requirements for time commitment.

Messaging and Supporting the Mission

Board Directors will message and support HHCLT’s mission. Documented events of Directors messaging and/or behaving in ways that are in opposition to HHCLT’s mission will likely result in termination of service.

Email or call or 425.422.5286 to apply.
Mailing Address: 10224 53rd Ave. W Mukilteo, WA 98275