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How to Donate

Homes and Hope Community Land Trust is a registered Charity with the State of Washington and has IRS approval of tax-exempt status as a 501c3 corporation; as such, all donations are tax-deductible, but check with your tax professional, if you have questions.

 Of course, HHCLT celebrates all donations, but we have a few special programs to consider!  The fastest, easiest way to build our capacity is to join the Dirt-e-Dozen Gang by setting up a recurring, monthly contribution here.  If you are looking to have a more enduring impact, consider our Community Legacy Program (see below).  You shave 15-25% off the sales price of your house, receive a donation receipt for the difference, and create an attainable home for the next several generations!  We also accept vacant land and building materials, subject to review.

Builders and developers, ask for a density bonus on your next project! Many jurisdictions will add an additional unit for every affordable unit added to the plat, so a 10 unit parcel can be 12 units, if 2 of the units are affordable.  We are also always interested in local sponsorship of our projects:  consider donating some labor for a rehab project or new construction build.

Let’s meet with your estate planner and look at various ways that HHCLT can steward your life’s work into the next century!  Some examples include leaving a house to HHCLT, and the proceeds of the affordable sale of that house fund two (or more—you choose) other nonprofit organizations, or the proceeds of the sale go into an education trust for your grandkids.

Coming in 2022:  Watch for our newest program, Community Elders, which will help our more senior neighbors stay in their homes safely and affordably!

Please contact our office directly to discuss larger contributions.
info@homesandhopeclt.org or 425.686.0557 or 425.422.5286

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