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Our Board Directors have more than 120 years’ combined experience in all aspects of affordable housing and financial wellness, including asset building.  We believe that everyone deserves to have a reasonable place to live and that affordable homeownership is an important part of that solution.  Homeownership brings stability and security, which leads to better health, educational and financial outcomes for family members and stronger, happier communities!


General Membership: 

Private Persons with an Interest, but no Direct Stake 

1 vote/contact – $25 dues/year

(self-reported as such with 1 address) 
2 votes/contacts – $40 dues/year

Community Membership:

Local Governments, Companies and Corporations, both Non-Profit and Commercial

Full (Commercial) 
3 votes/contacts – $100 dues/year

Limited (Non-Profit)                                                             
1 vote/contact – $50 dues/year

1 vote/3 contacts – $0 dues/year

Homeowner Membership:
Applicants, Current Homeowners and tenants (CLT owned & operated units)

2 votes/contacts – $75 initial; $35 renewal

2 votes/contacts included in the lease fee

NOTE: Membership is open to all interested parties, both private and corporate. 

Donors who give $250+ annually will receive a membership; $25 is deducted from IRS letter.

Membership Meetings are held around the end of the First Quarter each year.